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    Bonded Aluminium underpins the next generation Morgan Motors

    Fablink is proud to announce its collaboration with the iconic British brand, Morgan Motors, by supplying a uniquely bonded aluminium platform that underpins the “next generation”, Morgan Plus Six.

    The release of the Plus Six, showcased at Geneva Motor show, March 2019, represents a landmark celebrating Morgan’s 110th anniversary, which Fablink Group are honoured to be a part of.

    Paul Dillion, Head of business development at Fablink states:

    “This opportunity aligns with Fablink’s strategy to strengthen our automotive portfolio and introduce more clean build product, broadening our skill base accordingly. Working closely with the Morgan engineering team we have delivered a product which we can all be proud of”

    The CX Generation aluminium platform assembled at Fablink’s Brixworth site comprises a total of 160 individual components which subsequently make up the supplied platform and associated front and rear sub frames. The child parts are either flat or brake press folded in aluminium andmild steel, along with aluminium extrusions, pressed parts and turned components.

    The structure is held together using a heat cure adhesive and over 1000 structural monobolts and self-piercing rivets, along with 450 threaded inserts. This creates an incredibly strong, rigid and lightweight structure, weighing less than 100kg.

    Once assembled the chassis is placed into an oven and cured to a specified temperature. Once the assemblies have cured, the process is validated using data obtained from the oven. Fablink also performs destructive testing onsite.

    The CX Generation Platform represents over three years of thorough research and development between Morgan and Fablink. The achievement of maintaining Morgan’s
    distinctive features whilst achieving an extra 200mm occupant space, 31% stowage space, an 18mm thicker Ash frame with 0% weight gain, is a testament to the engineering behind the Plus Six.

    Morgan Chief Engineer, John Beech quotes:

    “MMC were looking for a technical partner to develop their own bonded aluminium chassis, Fablink became the natural lead in this challenge, their attitude, willingness and flexibility to adapt to this new technology were superb, the added benefits to MMC were a state-of-the-art workshop and facility in which to build the chassis.

    Throughout this development Fablink have been committed to laying down the appropriate process, tools, jigs and systems of work to achieve this lightweight bonded assembly, with their support MMC have been able to deliver an exciting new lightweight chassis. The whole construction consists of a main frame and two very light front and rear subframes. It has been a great learning experience for both companies, the benefits for MMC, the confidence level witnessed in the construction process, the structural integrity now being achieved and the growing expertise of the Fablink team to continually deliver a high-quality product